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Molecular Diagnostics

Boasting over a decade of experience in molecular assay development, including proficiency in qPCR and isothermal amplification assays, tailored for infectious disease and cancer biomarker analysis. This encompasses the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, and cells. Currently, three patent applications related to this domain are underway.

Point-of-Care Testing

Demonstrated success in the seamless integration of isothermal assays with lateral flow assays, culminating in the development of the Adaptive Pocket PCR (APP). The APP prototype has been geared for research-use-only (RUO), successfully detecting COVID-19 and influenza A/B viruses in both nasal swabs and saliva samples.

Bioassay Automation

Proficient experience in bioassay automation, evident in achievements such as prototyping an automated device tailored for nucleic acid sample preparation coupled with qPCR analysis. This prototype has successfully transitioned to the manufacturing prototyping stage.