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  • Image of MM27: Molecular Diagnostic Methods for Hematologic Malignancies, 1st Edition

    CLSI document MM27 will provide updated descriptions of the development and implementation of nucleic acid biomarker assays for accurate detection of somatic and germline alterations, with applications to oncology clinical decision making. The methods and recommendations discussed in this document will ...

     05-01-2022  |  Reviewer or Advisor

  • Image of C46: Blood Gas and pH Analysis and Related Measurements, 3rd Edition

    CLSI document C46 discusses the analysis of blood gas, pH, and related measurements (eg, hemoglobin and hemoglobin fractions, oxygen content, hemoglobin-oxygen saturation, electrolytes, hematocrit, glucose, lactate) tested in vitro . This guideline currently defines terminology and covers performance ...

     05-01-2022  |  Reviewer or Advisor

  • Image of C65: Biochemical Tumor Marker Testing, 1st Edition

    CLSI document C65 will provide information on biochemical tumor marker preexamination, examination, and postexamination considerations. Preexamination considerations to be discussed include specimen type, specimen collection, diagnosis or monitoring, anticoagulants and preservatives, collection procedures ...

     05-01-2022  |  Reviewer or Advisor

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